About Us

Sindh Microfinance Bank (SMFB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sindh Bank. SMFB got the NOC from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and was incorporated with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on March 27, 2015 under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 (XL VII of 1984). The bank has an initial paid-up capital of Rs. 750 million. The Sindh Microfinance Bank Ltd has started its Microfinance business operations on May 3, 2016 from its Karachi Branch.
Sindh Microfinance Bank will focus on serving the under-privileged segment of society by introducing products easily accessible to those who are not able to avail banking services of conventional financial institutions. With the vision to empower women, SMFB will establish Service Centers providing credit facilities exclusively to women. Though the savings, loans and other banking facilities will be available to all small entrepreneurs but special attention would be given to low income section of the society. SMFB shall actively promote micro-entrepreneurship by conducting awareness campaigns designed and aimed predominantly to womenfolk.


“To treat underprivileged people with dignity and respect.”


“To reduce social and economic poverty by creating opportunities for low income households especially women through cost effective and financially sustainable products and services”

Core Values

  • Discipline
  • Access to Finance with respect
  • Simplicity and Standardization
  • Transparency
  • Effective Cost Management
  • Know Customer needs